Welcome to Lamont J Musiq LLC

Like most amazing companies in the world, Lamont J Musiq LLC was born out of necessity. What originally started as a music education company for the underserved communities of Buffalo, NY, had expanded even further once we started to see a common thread throughout all the businesses we would come in contact with; Everyone, no matter the industry, needs great quality content in order to survive in this digital age. That’s when our company saw the need to do more. We took it upon ourselves to use all the skills we’ve learned through the years to help provide top-of-the-line digital multimedia services including but not limited to: photography, videography, custom music production, and more to individuals and small business owners alike who are trying to grow their brand and expand their reach. Education and providing exceptional customer service are at the core of what we do. We pride ourselves on being the one-stop-shop for all your digital multimedia needs.

Vision Statement

Through education, and service offerings our vision is to continue to provide the individual with all the tools necessary to be as self-sufficient as possible in this digital world.

Mission Statement

To inspire and empower every individual to be more efficient by providing the most cost effective solution for high quality digital multimedia services.