• We are able to get you a full product that you will be proud of from pre to post production. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Script-writing
  • Long form content like podcasts, interviews, or short films
  • Short form content in the form of music videos or social media content


  • Do you need a photoshoot for your product, clothing brand, social media, or you just want to update your family photo album? Would you like to shoot at a specified location outdoors, in a studio or maybe both? We have got you covered on any occasion with our in-house photographers that will not only shoot but will provide you with professional grade edits that you will love. Check out our gallery to see some of our most recent work.


  • Custom Music Production offered for advertisements or for branding purposes that will be crafted according to the specifications you are looking for. We know that a good quality song can bring an entire project together in a way that wasn’t thought of before. With our years of experience, we know that our in-house music production team is more than capable of providing you with a product you will thoroughly enjoy and be able to use for your next project immediately. We offer this service using either a standard lease or an exclusive rights agreement. Inquire with us to see what works best for you and your next project.

Audio Engineering

  • Through our expertise and extensive knowledge different microphones and various audio equipment we are completely confident that we will be able to not only record/capture the audio you need but will also provide you or your company with a professional sounding mix so that you can insert this audio directly into your next video, interview, podcast or whatever project you may have!


  • If you would like to just sit down and discuss your idea for your next project before making a final decision we also can do that at the flat rate of $75/hr.